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Speaking Success: More Objectives

by Derek Featherstone

We usually start planning a talk by jumping in with clear objectives for what you want people to know and do after your talk. To take your speaking to the "next level", we need to ask two more questions that serve to transform your speaking into something that compels people to take action.

Speaking Success: Start with Objectives

by Derek Featherstone

When you're planning and creating a talk, there's a critical step that many people skip or miss because it is so simple, it seems almost like it isn't worthwhile. But these starting points are what lead to success and leave your audience wanting more because you deliver **value**, and there are clear takeaways from your talk.

Know your role

by Derek Featherstone

You can't always be a comedian when you're speaking. Sometimes that just isn't your job. And if it isn't your job, you can't beat yourself up because you didn't get that many laughs when you delivered your presentation. You need to know your role and judge your success accordingly.

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