Scour those tweets

by Derek Featherstone

You've just finished a talk at a conference and you race to read what people said about it on twitter. It was great! You got lots of praise and compliments and people tweeted quotes from you several times over. While this feels great, what are you going to do with it? Read on to see what you can do with some of the gold nuggets that come from the back channel.

You've just finished a presentation and you run to see the backchannel. What were people saying about your talk on twitter? You want to know, right? Of course you do. We all want to know, and we all hope that what we see is positive.

When you're done scour the tweets that happened during and after your talk. Look for 4 things:

  1. Compliments. Fave them, and thank the author and see if you can find out more. Maybe even ask them for a testimonial.
  2. Negatives. It will happen. Find those tweets too, and see if you can use them as an opportunity to improve.
  3. New Slides. See the quotes that people tweeted. Sometimes you say things you didn't plan to say. It just came to you as you were speaking. If you said something and people tweeted it, and it wasn't one of your slides, take that as a hint that it should be!
  4. Photos. What slides did people take photos of? If you see the cameras come out when you have a certain slide on the screen, you know it's a good one. What could you do to turn that one slide into something bigger?

Mine that gold...

Next time you're done, do the regular things you'd do anyway (thank people and look for ways to improve). But go further than that. Look for those quotes that should be turned into slides. Look for the photos of what people wanted to remember and turn them into something bigger.

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