How to Rock Blog World LA 2011 as a Presenter

by Derek Featherstone

I’m heading to Blog World LA tomorrow to speak and really looking forward to speaking at a different venue to a different audience than I’m used to speaking to. If you’re speaking at BlogWorld this week, here are some speaking tips on what you can do to rock your talk.

BlogWorld Expo LA 2011

Oh, and a pre-tip before we even get into the other tips: when you’re speaking, take off your name badge. You don’t need it as you hopefully already know who you are. And you won’t get a horrible reflection off the badge from the stage lighting or from paparazzi flash bulbs!

On with the tips…

Be focused: what is the takeaway? You’ve already prepared for this but what are the three things that people will learn in your session? Nearly everything you do should focus on delivering that.

It’s all about value: Is there something of value that you can give before you even go there? I’ve been to networking events where the presenter has provided a great handout about “how to make your next networking event more profitable.” it was a resource that I got at the END of his 45 minute talk. Now, can you imagine how much more I would have loved it if he had found a way to get a few of those tips to me BEFORE the event?

Respect the audience At last year’s BWE I sat there and listened to a guy say how much money he made by putting on an event and then jokingly said “I can’t believe people actually paid money to go to the event…” dude – some of those people might have been in the audience. And how many people in the audience would go to your next event do you think?

Connect with analogies: They help people learn because it connects to things that they already know and are familiar with. When I used to teach high school it was all about figuring out what people already know so that you can tap into it and build on it. It’s like a springboard to more effective learning (see what I did there?).

Be positive: I even fall into this trap. When you’re showing things in a negative light, talk about how easy it is to fall into these traps.

Don’t be wishy washy: Avoid phrases that don’t mean anything. Don’t ask for permission to tell a story. Just tell the story.

Sell without selling: Explicit selling from the stage is not allowed. That’s good. Sell from the stage by being awesome at showing others how they can be awesome. Just focus on giving them content that can help them be better at what they do. They’ll come and find you. They’ll be come clients. And if they don’t, that’s okay — they’re still better than they were before. It’s about them, not you!

Rock on BWELA.

November 3rd, 2011

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